Boiler Servicing Hednesford

Looking For Boiler Servicing Hednesford?

If it has been over a year since you had your gas appliance serviced, then there’s probably a build-up of dust and debris inside that could affect its efficiency – and even your safety. Breeze Gas Services complete boiler servicing Hednesford.

In your boiler, fire service and gas safety check, you’ll have all the dust and debris removed from your boiler – which means you’ll stay safe and maybe save a little money on your bills as well.

Other things also included in a service are:

  • Strip-down of main components, clean and rebuild.
  • Flue combustion analysis, to ensure your boiler is burning gas properly.
  • Check satisfactory ventilation, this is a safety check that ensures no Carbon Monoxide is building up.
  • Satisfactory flue termination, a check to see whether potentially dangerous flue gases are being discharged safely.
  • Operating gas pressures and heat input, make sure you boiler has enough gas to operate efficiently.
  • Burners and injectors, these parts need to be clean and working correctly.
  • Check for gas and water leaks, which can ruin a boiler and could cause an explosion.



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